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"Sound Advice" features Isaac [19 Sep 2015|08:56pm]


This woman in my grandmother's time would be what was known as a "dingbat." This whole "advice session" is totally crazy. But the last thing Isaac says absolutely kills me; cracks me up every time. I don't even known if it was especially intentional... but the comic timing is great...

I recommend watching the whole video to arrive at it. Gotta love him. :)
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Isaac shitting pretty good on portland [10 Jul 2015|01:37pm]

Funny, as always.

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Isaac on how he's changed as a person in the last 20 years [21 Jun 2015|04:40pm]

"It’s like someone gave me a giant bin of puzzle pieces, from when I was doing Long Drive until now. It’s the same bin, but occasionally some asshole comes by and just dumps some more pieces in there. I’m still just trying to sort it out and figure out which puzzle pieces go in the right f***ing place."

Original source
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live shows coming to seattle [15 Jun 2015|05:56pm]

two nights with modest mouse, on sale now at the paramount. i saw no advertisement for this, but i just snagged my tickets, so any local folks may want to do the same...
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What's up with the "K"? [31 May 2015|04:20pm]

Well, Strangers to Ourselves has been out a long time now; I've soaked it in and sucked down all those interviews. Everything was fantastic. It's a super impressive album; Isaac just doesn´t disappoint. It's not something that he does, at least with other people. With himself, perhaps.

And the sister album coming in ... when was it now? That timetable keeps changing, but I think we can count on it showing up within a year or two. There's a lot of material from these sessions that spanned years, and I'm really looking forward to that next installation as well.

But based on how swimmingly the commenting on my last posts on the album build-up went, I think it's fair to say it's best not to bring up anything too involved in this community these days... if it ever was, I don't know. I haven't REALLY been around all that long.

So with that said, allow me to keep my request simple this time.

The internet told me Isaac's middle name begins with a K, but it won't tell me what it is. I am curious. Do any of you other obsessed and devoted fans know? Will you enlighten me?
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Coyotes [20 Jan 2015|09:15pm]

We now know that track 7 on the new album will be Coyotes, and the single along with its official video have already been released. This is Interstate 8's best stab at the lyrics.

What do we all think?

Any other news on the Strangers to Ourselves front that hasn't been picked up by Interstate 8's MM detector?

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Lampshades on Fire [16 Dec 2014|07:48pm]

In case anybody doesn't know, the studio version of Lampshades on Fire, which is the first single from the new album, was released today. Below I'm sharing the track borrowed from the official Modest Mouse Vevo, where all the preorder info is at. We also found out today that Strangers to Ourselves will have 15 tracks and that this song will be the second track.

It's been awful hella quiet around here. I know Livejournal is kind of dead and all, but is anyone interested in talking about the new album here? Thoughts about what it will be like? What do you think of this track and its selection as the first single? Does March 3rd seem a long ways off?

As for me, I absolutely love this song: the lyrics and the message are fantastic. I honestly don't see how anyone in their right mind could not be in love with Isaac and this band. This is the real stuff. Psyched for March 3rd. ♥ ♥ ♥

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New Album "Strangers to Ourselves" out March 3rd, 2015! [14 Dec 2014|04:48pm]


Finally! Here's the link to the actual Rolling Stone article. Although it doesn't give much information beyond what was mentioned in the video, since not much is known about the new album at the moment. There is some speculation that this image, which Modest Mouse's websites don't want me to copy & paste, might be a part of the album art. In the meanwhile, to listen to a compilation of live songs that may be included on the album, click here.

Only bits and pieces so far, and a concrete release date. Aside from the album itself, what I'm most looking forward to are the promotional interviews with Isaac. He may not like doing them, but I sure like reading, listening to and watching them.

And I know that just generally speaking, we're all so excited!! : ) : )

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[09 Nov 2014|05:45pm]

So, the Official Word was that Modest Mouse would be coming out with a new album in 2014. Has anyone noticed it's November already?
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seattle show friday [15 Jul 2014|05:12pm]

well, it wasn't easy, but i'm seeing our band on friday.

...anyone hear about the bullshit that went down around this show?

on sale at 12:00pm; sold out by 12:01pm. guess i should feel fortunate to've only paid $115 over face value. -_-
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The heart is a drum machine [22 Aug 2013|03:30pm]

Anyone can link me up with Isaac´s interview from the 2009 documentary The heart is a drum machine, about the nature of music and how it affects us? I would really like to see it and would really appreciate it. Not available on youtube. Thanks.
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[09 Jul 2013|10:26am]


In a world and in an age where most people have lost their humanity, Isaac is special both for his bravery and because he hasn´t lost his. Certain types of energy can flow through him because he is open in places where most people are blocked. And, for all of this...

We love you, Isaac!
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all night diner [16 Oct 2012|11:47am]

Forgive me if this is common knowledge, but is there an actual restaurant that "All Night Diner" is referring to? I'm going to be in Seattle this weekend for the first time, and if the restaurant is a real place and still around I'd love to check it out, if only for nerding out a little. Thanks!

Edit: wow, I haven't been on livejournal in a long time, I guess there is a post right below this that mentions it, so at least I know it's real.
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[05 Jun 2012|08:18pm]

dear community i still love:

you're welcome.

your maintainer,
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there're new ugly casanova songs? [24 Nov 2011|10:13am]

oh hi, did you know this exists? 'cause i didn't until five minutes ago.


cheapest on amazon used; then ebay; then amazon new. you can also get a couple of songs for free with this slickdeal & an amazon digital account.

happy tgiving, modestmouse!
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Introducing myself and a question [14 Feb 2011|04:34pm]

Hi there,

Looks like this community has been lying dormant for some time, but I'm hoping it's possible to breathe some life into it.

I just joined today, and have been really getting into the band recently. I've been a moderate fan for awhile (a few years ago a friend introduced me with Long Drive, Building Nothing and Antarctica), but lately as I've heard some of the newer stuff and starting reading and learning more about the band and the charming Isaac Brock, I've just been getting more and more into their music.

So here's my question: I recently purchased Ship Sank and Good News. I also have all three albums mentioned above. If I were to acquire one more album for now, which one should it be?

Pleased to meet all of you. Thanks in advance for the advice. : )
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[10 Apr 2010|10:14pm]

how can someone inconsistent mess up so consistently?

say what you will about old MM versus new MM versus popularity versus your own stupid ego, but isaac brock is a fucking genius lyricist.
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I've crossed the lines of all the great state roads [14 Nov 2009|11:26pm]

This is the best place to share a Modest Mouse tattoo with others who will truly appreciate it. I came up with the idea about two years ago and ultimately commissioned a friend to sketch it for me. It took me way too long to bring the entire idea to fruition, but here's the result!

My brain's the cliff...Collapse )
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Aug 29th Grove Anaheim [30 Aug 2009|01:11am]

Hey guys haven't posted here for a long while and forgot my password to stev0kolasa... but anyways.

Here was the setlist, isaac forgot some words as always, stumbled his way through autumn beds, fire it up, and completely forgot the finger placement on a section in talkin shit.... other than that it was a great show all around

Read more...Collapse )
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Kingston ticket stub search [23 Aug 2009|11:36am]

Long shot, I know.... but my boyfriend proposed to me at the Kingston show the other night and I am DESPERATE to get a scan of the ticket stub if at all possible. I bought will-call tickets so I didn't get a memento for what turns out was one of the best nights of my life!

I was at that show, as well as both Toronto shows. Two setlists, one drumstick, one ring, one Cockroach, and three Shit Lucks! Too bad we didn't get a proper King Rat, though.
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