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welcome to the Modest Mouse community.

feel free to post images of concerts, fan art, backgrounds, whatever, but please use the lj-cut tag.

please stay on-topic. if you want to post something off-topic, that's fine so long as your post ALSO has Modest Mouse content. play nice.

DO NOT offer to trade, sell, or buy COPIED CDS here. this is a community of fans who believe the band deserves to make a living from their music. don't fool yourself into thinking that money from record sales don't reach the band's pocket. if you can, buy the albums at the concerts. DO NOT STEAL MUSIC.

if you're looking for live concerts or rare songs that CANNOT be purchased, we are always happy to trade mp3s of this nature. NO MONEY SHOULD EXCHANGE HANDS - it's not our music to receive money for! please offer a trade, not just a blank cd & postage; for my opinions on B&P swapping, read this post. before you call me an asshole for my policy on trades, read this post & this followup post. (warning: much drama contained within.) even more explanation is found in this post, too. & despite all this, i STILL tried to do what community members asked & set up a $5/3shows deal - read this post to see what livejournal said about it. so now that we're clear on the logic of not selling someone else's music...

want to trade bootlegs? absolutely! read this post.

that said, i have been known to offer a show b&p to people who've posted particularly cool or interesting or creative things to the community. so if you still have nothing to trade, you can try putting in effort in other ways, & it might come back to you.

about the band's newfound popularity
if you love the band, you should be glad they're making money. more money means they can spend their time being creative & writing new songs & albums instead of washing dishes & eating cat food. more money means bigger arenas when they tour, which means you won't have to cry about how the tiny indie venue is out of tickets after twenty minutes & you can't see your favorite band because they only have four stops on the entire tour & they're all sold out. just because a band moves in a new direction musically does not mean it is a BAD direction. just because a song is popular does not make it SHIT. yes, it's strange that you're going to see modest mouse on mtv & late night talk shows & hear them on the radio - but STRANGE & DIFFERENT (ie CHANGE) is GOOD. it's okay if you don't like the new work, but you must judge music on the MUSIC, not by what idiots listen to it.
you can disagree with this if you like, but you'll be wrong.

Modest Mouse sites recommended by the members of this community:
http://www.modestmouse.com - the official site
http://www.knerd.com/~bwillen/ModestMouse.HTM - lyrics, mp3s, & more
http://www.theperspective.ca/hicas.html - ugly casanova info & mp3s
http://acousticwood.net/extramile - mp3s & links to videos, et cetera

general music-related sites we recommend:
http://www.slsknet.com - soulseek

sister communities:
youngeffectuals - helio sequence

you can sign up for a fantastic Modest Mouse mailing list here.

maintainer: lishd
questions, suggestions, whatnot, feel free to email me.

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